Ather S340 Model

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Ather S340 Electric Scooter Ex-showroom Price (Rs.)
Ather S340 Models
Ather S340 Model Overview
  • Appearance
    Ather S340 Appearance

    Ather S340 is an in-house designed electric scooter from Bengaluru based startup, Ather Energy. It is claimed to be the fastest electric scooter in the Indian market which it attained from its design language meant for aerodynamic riding and lightweightness. The major highlights which will tend your attention to the scooter involve:

    • LED Headlight
    • Alloy Wheels
    • Rear View Mirrors
    • Visible Green Frame
    • Front Disc Brake
  • Technology
    Ather S340 Technology

    In terms of technology, the scooter is being said a top selves product furnished with AI-based features. Allows user profile based sign-in, the scooter gets a touchscreen dashboard which showcases the information based on smart data services. All the services are listed down:

    • Push Navigation
    • Over the air updates
    • Parking Assist Function
    • Location Tracking
    • Diagnostic Alerts
  • Power and Mileage
    Ather S340 Engine

    The Ather S340 is powered by a 5.4kW BLDC Motor that is backed up by a battery pack and battery management system (BMS) designed by the company. The battery pack offers a travel range of 60kms in the city and the top speed of 70kmph. While, it can easily attain the spirit of 0-40 km in about 5.1 seconds, making it the fastest e-scooter in the country:

    • 5.4kW BLDC Motor
    • 60Kms in City Conditions
    • 0-40kms in 5.1 Seconds
  • Safety
    Ather S340 Safety

    The Ather S340 considered as the fastest e-scooter in the country with the top speed of 70kmph. However, it is not that much, but for the e-scooter with light body weight, it is pretty considerable. So in order to safeguard the life of rider on this fastest EV. the automaker packed it with a small disc brake at front. While other bits which will sport a secure ride are listed below:

    • Lightweight, Durable Chassis
    • Front Disc Brake
    • Rear Drum Brake
    • LED Headlamp
    • Prominent Suspension
  • Colors - Ather S340
    • Ather S340 WhiteWhite