All Models of Luxurious Audi Cars

Audi is one of the top 3 luxury automobile brands from the Germany, the other two are BMW and Mercedes, which are known for their innovation and technology and has lured millions of customers from all over the globe and still fetching more. The company has many car models available for all types of customer like A1, Q3, S4, R8, RS 5 and others. One can select a vehicle from the all Audi cars as per his/her needs and requirements. The Company mainly provides the cars under the following categories.

Audi A Series

Audi car models are normal executive type cars from the company and can be used as small family, luxury or compact luxury cars as well. Some famous names under this category are A1, A3, A4 and A7.

Audi Coupe and SUVs
The car models with Q series names like Q3, Q5 and TT are some famous model under this category.

Audi S Series.
The S stands for the Sports here are the Audi models which fall under this category are known to give the epic experience of adventure and thrill. The cars which have earned a place in this segment are S4, S7 and S8.

Audi RS Series.
For touching the limits which are not in the reach of Audi S series cars, the Audi RS car models like RS 4, RS 5 and RS 7 are here to make you talk to the wind.

Apart from the above series, the Audi is continuously developing the other technologies like electric, e-tron, dual fuel and others. The company also features in the formula one racing as well and make it a healthy competition for other participants. With the continuous hard work and determination, the Audi is definitely a major part to decide the market flow this year as well about the luxury car production.