Speedy and Luxurious Car Models from Bentley

Bentley is a British car brand that is completely owned by the world's largest automobile group Volkswagen. The company is known to produce the vehicles which are totally high-profile in the taste and exquisite in features. Bentley produces 3 car models as for now, which are under the following series.

Bentley Continental – Bentley Continental car models are the sports car by the company with its trademark style and signature double headlights. The Continental car models are available in the petrol variant only with a maximum price tag of INR 2 Crore. The famous Bentley cars in this series are Continental GT V8, Continental GTC and Continental Supersports.

Bentley Mulsanne - The Bentley Mulsanne cars are the ultra premium sedan models from the company against the likes of Rolls Royce Phantom and others. Mulsanne series cars are the best in terms of luxury features for both, exteriors and interiors and they are powered by the mighty V8 petrol engine with the top speed of 296 km/h. The Bentley cars are the one of the safest vehicles too, as they've all features like ASR, ABS, EBD and ESP.

Bentley Flying Spur – As the name suggests, Flying Spur car models from the Bentley are known to offer the best racing experience for its users. The car models are none less than any of the luxury sports car in terms of the exterior and interior features with the inclusion of the touch screen infotainment system, diamond quilted super comfortable seats, knurled sports gear knob and many others. The Flying Spur models are also available in the petrol variant only with ultra powerful V8 petrol engines and the top price of INR 3 Crore.

Bentley Motors Car Models