General Motor's Chevrolet Car Models

Chevrolet is the famous car manufacturer, which has car models and other vehicles under every segment like hatchback, sedan, SUV, MPV, trucks and others. The company is originally owned by the General Motors group of United States of America. Chevrolet is very famous for its mid-sized compact sedans and trucks.

The company has performed very well with all its models all over the world and continuing the good work by launching the new technology every day. However, all the Chevrolet car models, which are offered by the company may not be available in every country and this is because of the marketing policy of the company. Here below are some of its famous car models under each segment.

Hatchback – The most appreciated car models under this segment are Spark, Beat, Sail, Aveo and Sail U-VA.

Compact Sedan – The luxury Cruze, Volt and Lacetti are the most common names under this segment.

Mid Size Sedan – Chevrolet offers just one car model since year 1997 under this segment, that is, Malibu.

Full Sized Sedan – Impala, SS and Caprice are some famous car models of this segment.

Sports and Muscle Cars – Chevrolet offers sports cars for a very time now, that is since 1953 and the Covertte is the only car model.

From the year 2010, the company has started of manufacture a muscle car Camaro as well.

MPVs and SUVs – Chevrolet is famous to provide the services under MPVs and SUVs with utmost comfort, ease, style and features. The famous MPVs from the company are Orlando and Tavera. And, the SUVs are Captiva, Captiva Sport, Grand Blazer, Niva, Suburban and others.

Trucks and Vans – Chevrolet offers its services in truck and vans segment too, and has a big customer base in U.S., Canada and Europe. The common names under this segment are Colorado, N200, Silverado, Tornado and others.

The company has many other car models under the categories of historical and experimental models. But, as for now, Chevrolet is completing focusing on the luxury sedan cars to stay in the hunt amidst the likes of low-end car models from Audi, BMW and others.

Chevrolet Car Models