Tailor-made Car Models by Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the brands which is known for the fast and speedy cars / Super cars to make you feel like a top spy while driving your car. The company is also very famous for it participation of formula one racing too, and has won many titles in it using their technology, which has started the trend of super fast cars in the world.

The Ferrari mainly offers cars under two segments, that is, Sports car and Grand Tourer. The Ferrari is also famous for the fact like manual assembly of the whole car, rear engine, hand stitched leather seats and option of designing the car as per the customers need and choice. Have a look at the brief introduction of the car models by Ferrari.

Grand Turismo Car Models – These car models are actually the successor of the first generation sports cars launched by the company. These cars are 2 seater and are known for their epic style, magnificent speed, luxurious comfort and stunning looks. Some of the top names under this category are 550 Maranello, 575M Maranello, 575M Superamerica and F12 Berlinetta.

Mid Engined – These mid engined Ferrari are named like it because of the engines, that is, V6/V8. The famous mid-engined car models from this segment are 458 Italia, Spider and Speciale.

Super cars – The best part of the >Ferrari car models are these speedy cars which have taken the world apart with its performances. The top names under the super car segment are 599 GTO, Enzo (F60) and LaFerrari (F70/F150).

The company has produced many super cars over the time and the buyers can expect a lot more in the upcoming future as per the legacy of the Ferrari.

Ferrari Car Models