Hero Electric Zion Model

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Rs. 37,990*

Hero Electric Zion Electric Scooter Ex-showroom Price (Rs.)
Hero Electric Zion Models
Hero Electric Zion Model Overview
  • Appearance
    Hero Electric Zion Appearance

    Zion is a lightweight and low cost ownership vehicle. It has aerodynamic and smooth design. It is smart and Eco- friendly bike:

    • Aerodynamic and Smooth Design
    • Lightweight
    • Soft Suspension
    • Low Cost Ownership
    • Odometer
  • Technology
    Hero Electric Zion Technology

    The bike has in- built cell phone charger for charging mobile phones. The bike is featured with EMC Technology for longer battery life. It also has Advanced Throttle Mechanism for quick acceleration. For comfortable ride, bike is enabled with Telescopic Suspension:

    • Silicon Gel Battery for Very Low Resistance
    • Telescopic Suspension
    • IC Chips for Preventing Battery from Overheating and Overcharging
    • Advanced Throttle (Choke) Mechanism
    • Charge Retention when Unused for Long Time
  • Power and Mileage
    Hero Electric Zion Engine

    The bike is a powerful speed electric bike. In a single charge, bike cover a large range of distance. The bike has a good storage capacity:

    • Speed of 25km/hr
    • Range of 70km/Charge
    • 6-8hrs Battery Charging Time
    • 25ltrs Storage Box Capacity
    • 48V - 12/ 20AH Battery
  • Safety
    Hero Electric Zion

    The bike is scratch resistant and has Reinforced special Steel chassis with 7-stage painting process which makes chassis free from corrosion for life time. It has BLDC Motor fitted in it making sure of a noiseless drive and comfortable ride even in harder and tighter places. Brushless motor to accelerate safely even in slopes:

    • Scratch Resistant
    • Waterproof BLDC Motor for Comfortable Ride
    • Large Wheels for Safety Ride
    • Brushless Motor and Auto Cut off Mechanism
    • Polycarbonate Head Lamp for Clear and Wide Night Vision
  • Colors - Hero Electric Zion
    • Hero Electric Zion WhiteWhite
    • Hero Electric Zion SilverSilver