Hero Impulse Model

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Hero Impulse Model Overview
  • Appearance
    Hero Impulse Appearance

    Hero Impulse is a dirt bike which is meant to be ridden on rough terrain and off road locations. The bike has a unique and unconventional design which is trying hard to impress Indian costumers. It has a high mount silencer and muffler. The front fender is raised up and has a large diameter. Some of its appearance features are given here:

    • High Mount Muffler
    • Motocross Seat
    • Sporty and Sharp Graphics
    • High Ground Clearance
    • Steel Spokes Wheels
  • Technology
    Hero Impulse Technology

    Hero Impulse has been designed as a dirt bike which is used on hilly and off road locations. Hence this bike has got high ground clearance and high mount silencer. The front fender is raised with greater diameter for better off roading. Nitrox gas filled mono suspension make the bumps vanish and provides a comfortable ride. The technology aspects are given here:

    • High Mount Silencer
    • Bigger Front Fender
    • Analog TachoMeter
    • High Torque ATFT Engine
    • Digital SpeedoMeter
  • Power and Mileage
    Hero Impulse Engine

    Hero Impulse is a 150cc bike which churns out 13.2 BHP at 7500 RPM. This bike is designed to ride in outskirts. Hence, here torque has much importance over the power which will help this bike to climb off the cliff. It has reasonable mileage also. Its Power and mileage specs are given here:

    • 149.2 cc Petrol Engine
    • 13.2 PS @ 7,500 RPM Power
    • 13.4 NM @ 5,000 RPM Torque
    • 11.1 Litre Fuel Tank
    • 5 Speed Gear Box
  • Safety
    Hero Impulse

    Hero Impulse has many safety features. The mono shock suspension system makes the ride smooth over uneven surfaces. Motocross seat provides a proper seating area to the rider so that stability can be maintained. Its high mount silencer doesn’t allow water or dust particle to block the smoke outlet. Few of its features are mentioned here:

    • Front Suspension: Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
    • Straight Pull Spokes
    • High Ground Clearance
    • Stud Pattern Tyres
    • Front Disc Brake
  • Colors - Hero Impulse
    • Hero Impulse Terra RossaTerra Rossa
    • Hero Impulse Tar BlackTar Black
    • Hero Impulse Grassland GreenGrassland Green
    • Hero Impulse Canyon OrangeCanyon Orange
    • Hero Impulse Deep Sea BlueDeep Sea Blue