Indian Roadmaster Model

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Rs. 37,68,310 - 48,00,000*

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Indian Roadmaster Variants
Indian Roadmaster Model Overview
  • Appearance
    Indian Roadmaster Appearance

    Indian bikes can be recognized with their bulky nature and cowboy styling. The equipment level in Roadmaster is kept at a gargantuan level with all the major bells and whistles. Gallons of comfort and storage are provided across the whole bike which makes it reasonable to flat down over the cushioned couch alike seats. Following are few of its splendid appearance features:

    • Side Rear and Front Saddle Bags
    • Dual Color Scheme
    • Triple Barrel Headlight
    • Weather Proof Storage
    • Mighty Logo on Front Mud Guard
  • Technology
    Indian Roadmaster Technology

    The Roadmaster is fitted with one of its kind techniques, the quality and advance nature of technology can be seen at each and every corner of the bike. The heated seats, grips and adjustable visors and foot pegs have added a big pinch of luxury to the overall appeal of the vehicle for which even the cost finds it reasonable. Check out these superb technologies embedded into the bike:

    • Heated Seat and Grips
    • Adjustable Passenger Floorboards
    • Horizon Power Windshield
    • Keyless Ignition
    • Remote Locking
  • Power and Mileage
    Indian Roadmaster Engine

    The Indian Roadmaster continues the legacy of Indian Motorcycles’ patent engine which is crowned for its superb ride ability and governing attitude over the highways. The 1811cc engine performs its duties efficiently with great ratios across the mechanicals to let the rider feel unstressed over the long rides. Here are few of its engine aspects:

    • 1811cc Thunder Stroke 3 Engine
    • Closed Loop Fuel Injection
    • 138.9Nm Torque @ 2600RPM
    • Gear Drive Wet Clutch Transmission
    • Pinnacle Heel Gear Shifter
  • Safety
    Indian Roadmaster

    The enclosures of the safety equipments in the Indian Roadmaster are inclusive of the more advanced stuff. The Anti Lock Braking System and cruise control is standard in this bike which are effective ways to get each ride as safe as possible. Ruling the highways, the rider won’t feel stressed on low on confidence at any stance of time. Note the following safety features of the Roadmaster:

    • Cruise Control
    • Anti Lock Braking System
    • Telescopic Front and Single Rear Suspension
    • 4 Piston Caliper Floating Rotor Front Dual Disc Brakes
    • 2 Piston Caliper Floating Rotor Rear Single Disc Brakes
  • Colors
    • Indian Roadmaster Thunder BlackThunder Black
    • Indian Roadmaster Indian Burgundy MetallicBurgundy Metallic
    • Indian Roadmaster Indian Pearl White Over Star SilverIndian Pearl White Star Silver
    • Indian Roadmaster Indian Polished Bronze Over Thunder Black With Silver PinstripePolished Bronze Thunder Black