Posh and Expensive Jaguar Car Models

TATA owned U.K.'s car manufacturer Jaguar is known to produce one of the most expensive and posh car models, which are totally British in style, looks, elegance, power and performance. The Jaguar car models as dynamic and agile as its emblem. The car models deliver sheer perfection in controlling and driving as you know this car just like the back of your hand. The Jaguar offers car models under 4 types, that is, XF, XJ, XK and F-Type cars with an E type car coming soon in the market. Here below is a little overview about the Jaguar car models.

XF Car Models - The XF car models from Jaguar are the entry-level sedans from the company which are known for its outstanding and award-winning design, high-class engineering and yeah, the fuel economy. The XF cars are available in saloon and sportbarke models with famous names like XFR, XFR-S, XF Portfolio, XF R-Sport and XF Luxury.

XJ Car Models – XJ's are the luxurious car models from the company and are the rendezvous of power, elegance and leisure. The swift nature of XJ car models with more than required space to feel relax and stretch out. The XJ models are under SWB and LWB variants with well-known names like XJ Luxury SWB, XJ Supersport SWB and XJR LWB.

XK Car Models – The XK car models from the Jaguar are the grand tourer with the soul of a sports car. It has 2+2 seat configuration and powered by a 5.0 Litre V8 engines. The four XK car models, that is, XK, XKR, XK Portfolio and XKR-S in coupé and convertible variants.

F-Type Car Models – The F-Types are the sports cars from the luxury car maker company. The F-Types are one of the most powerful and stylish sports car models available in the world. These are also available in Coupe and convertible variants as F-Type S, F-Type R and F-Type.

The Jaguar is also developing its next generation XE type cars, which could hit the road very soon.

Jaguar Car Models