World's First Super Car Models – Lamborghini

Everybody nowadays talks about the fast and furious supercars, but many of them don’t know from where they actually came into the scenario. The Italian manufacturer Lamborghini were the actual founder and developers of supercars regime. It's more than a 50 years now, that the company is continuously delivering the highly optimized sports cars in the world. The Lamborghini was the first car to let the people feel enthralling about the speedy driving experience and performance. The car models developed by the company over the years has been the true masterpiece of engineering, and some of them are still unconquerable by its contemporary competitors.

Some of the most famous car models developed by the company over the time are Gallardo, Miurs, Murcielago and Aventador. The latest car from the company is Avnetador, which was developed with the aim to leave its rival companies behind by at least 10 years. And, after the launching of Aventador, everyone was stunned in the world by having a look at the style, design, technology, performance, speed, concept and balancing of this jaw-droping model.

After developing the Aventador, which was a huge hit on the global scale, company's also developed a technology to assemble one car in 100 minutes. And, now to meet the current technology standards and all time rising demands of the customers, the company developing a new concept car, which is also supposed to set the trend for the next 10 years for upcoming cars.

Lamborghini Car Models