Magnificent Maserati Car Models

The Italian car manufacturers Maserati are known to produce the quality car models just like the other Italian companies are doing. The Maserati car models are known for speed, style and performance as they are designated as the sports gran turismo cars in the world. The cars are not as famous as other brands, but still manages to lure the significant number of users to let the world know about its existence. The cars are just so good-looking, with all the designing thinkings applied with utmost accuracy that it can beat any other luxury car so easily with just a single look.

The famous car models from the Maserati which are creating enough buzz in the market are Gran Turismo, Gran Cabrio and Qattroporte. These are the best cars from the company, which can give tough challenge to the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. The car has the power of the around 4.5 Litre petrol engine and next generation V8 engine to produce the power of nearly 400 BHP and torque of 550 NM. The cars have all the features like the ABS, EBD, crash sensors, cruise control, power steering, crash sensor and many others to let the user feel magnificent while driving the car.

Maserati Car Models