Mercedes-Benz Models List

Mercedes-Benz is one of the best luxury car makers around the world with many admirers available around the world. In India too, the company has many cars in its fleet and has thousands of people who love to buy these luxurious cars. Mercedes offers cars in almost every segment like hatchback, sedan, saloon, coupe, SUV, crossover, cabriolet and roadster as well. Here are all the Mercedes-Benz Class available in India according to the segment.

Hatchbacks – The company is most preferred option in the luxury hatchback segment in India. It has A-Class and B-Class cars in the segment which are completely equipped with powerful engine, comfy interiors and attractive exterior design and best-in-class safety features as well.

Sedan and Saloons – Mercedes has always been famous for its sedan cars and so as it has buyers in India for this segment. It offers C-Class luxury saloon, E-Class Saloon, S-Class Saloon and CLA-Class sedan in the country, which attracts a lot of people. The CLA is one of the best-selling luxury sedans in the country and has been facelifted recently. The S-Class saloon are the most luxurious options offered by the company not only in India, but in the world as well.

SUVs- The company offers SUVs in India under 3 classes, which are GL-Class, GLA-Class and M Class as well. All these 3 cars have enough power to run on famous bumpy Indian roads without any hassle and are very comfortable at the very same time. However, people yet do not buy these luxury SUV in Indian much.

Cabriolet and Roadsters – Mercedes-Benz also offers racing and sports cars in India under Cabriolet and Roadster segment. E-Class comes under cabriolet segment and SLK is available under roadster segment. Both the cars are doing well in their respective segment.

Performance Cars – The company also offers a different performance cars in India and world, which are meant only for sheer power and acceleration. The class is known as Mercedes-AMG and the segments under which the company offers these performance cars are Saloons, Cabriolets, Roasters and off-roader.

Mercedes-Benz Car Models