The Techno Savvy Toyota Car Models

The Japanese car manufacturers Toyota are now a household name in the car market of every segment like sedan, hatchback, SUV, luxury and others. These car models by Toyota are not only classy, but powerful, decent looking, full of features and equipped with every other technology, which you would like to have in your car at the price you've paid. The Toyota, however, just sells the vehicles for daily use and for the utmost luxury and super car models, it has the other very famous brand known as 'Lexus' and I guess you all are very familiar with it. Now, here are some top of the class Toyota car models according to the categories.

Toyota Hatchback Cars – The famous car models under the hatchback segment from the Toyota are Etios Liva and Etios Cross. These two models are taking the flags of success for the Toyota on the global scale and they absolutely are amazing products with amazing power, style and sheer performance.

Toyota Sedan cars – The sedan cars which have urged the people to buy and trust on Toyota are Corolla, Toyota Etios and Toyota Camry. The first two are the middle range sedans while the Camry is the luxury sedan model from the Toyota. All these models are equipped with best and latest technologies which are promised to deliver the best performance.

Toyota MUVs – the best SUV from the Toyota which has conquered all the records is Innova. This 7 seater vehicle is full of features and power, and I'm sure that customers who have bought it are currently taping their back for the right decision.

Toyota SUVs – The famous SUV car models from the company viz Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Land Cruiser are the best among the class with power, luxury and technology.

Toyota Car Models

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