Bajaj Dominar vs Royal Enfield: Check Out Who is Powerful in Tug of War?

Bajaj Dominar 400, flagship model from the Pune based bike maker was introduced in the Indian market in Dec 2016. With this product, the company was aiming to eat into the sub 500cc segment that is dominated by the segment leader Royal Enfield Classic 350. As of now, the cruiser bikes manufacturer enjoys a huge 85 percent market share.

Last month, the company recorded the best ever sales of 76,187 units monthly. And the waving rumours around are suggesting these figures are going to see a vertex in coming years. On the other side, the Dominar manages to sell in the region around 2,000 units monthly since its launch. As such, Bajaj has to work really hard to even reach close to these RE figures.

In order to take on the Royal Enfield, Bajaj adopted different ways like advertorials. The company compared Royal Enfield to a Haathi (An Elephant) in their videos. And try to convince the audience that RE motorcycles are not only inferior to the Dominar in every possible way but also not reliable and outdated.

However, the strategy of showcasing RE motorcycles inferior in their promotional videos, not worked that, in Bajaj’s favour. The Royal Enfield continues to enjoy its leading position in the segment. Even without spending a huge amount on marketing and ads. That clearly projects Royal Enfield a winner. But, Is RE really powerful as compared to Bajaj Dominar-let’s check out in the video given below:

It is a tug of war video of Bajaj Dominar and Royal Enfield Classic 350 that is posted by Indian Stuff, a Youtube motovlogging channel. It showcases Bajaj Dominar is dominating in tug of war with RE Classic 350. Even if, the RE that is slightly heavier and with bulky rider comparatively loses the first round. With the rider’s exchange, the result similar again. The video showcases the Dominar 400 a clear winner in terms of power.

Source: Indian Stuff