BMW i8 Roadster Launch Scheduled in 2017

BMW i8 Roadster, a convertible player of the regular i8 hybrid sports car, which was first displayed at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show as a near production unit, is now set on the launch card. According to Autocar reports, BMW CEO Harald Krueger confirmed that the roadster will arrive in the market at the end of 2017, while abstain from unveiling the details. One of the topless concepts of i8 Coupe, christened as Spyder was first showcased at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The car in question here may adopt the same name.

BMW i8 Roadster at side profile

As the media source suggests, the Roadster will share its design cues and features with BMW i Vision Future Interaction concept that came at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Further, design tweaks comprising floating buttresses at the rear wheels and sporting the brake lights, the black belt running along the length of the car , side skirts among the many.

Under the hood, it will come up with an updated hybrid powertrain. The combustion engine will be powered by a lightly fettled 1.5-litre, three cylinder turbo that is claimed to make run the unit with a boost of more than 10 percent in power over the regular version. In addition, an electric motor is also there to make out a maximum power of around 426 Bhp. Moreover, it is also reported to get some changes inside the cabin along with some new technical features. Once landed up, it will be slotted above the i8 Coupe in the BMW’s lineup. 

BMW i8 Roadster at rear profile

Earlier, aninnovative and material concept trim of the i8 was also displayed at the recently concluded 2016 Paris Motor Show that had been designed with a collaboration of Garage Italian Customs. Based on the ongoing vehicle platform, it will be launched in the global market by early next year under the moniker of BMW i8 Garage Italia Crossfade.

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Source: Autocar