BMW Motorrad Brings New Updates for F700 GS, F800 GS and R1200 Line-up

The German auto subsidiary, BMW Motorrad brings some new updates for its range of dual-purpose F-series machines namely F700 GS, F800 GS as well as for R1200. Among these updates, the best one is Euro4 emission that will be available as a standard attachment across all these line-ups. The word here Euro4 basically refers to European emission standard that enables the bikes to control the Nitrogen Oxide emission ratio.

Keeping the rider preference and riding conditions in mind, BMW has also introduced four different modes likely Rain, Road, Enduro and Enduro Pro. Out of which, first two are standard, while the rest of these will be there as an optional for F800 GS and F800 GS adventure.

BMW F800GS Adventure

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Talking about the F700 and F800 that carries a 798 cc of displacement with water cooled parallel twin engine and produces a massive power. After going through this new modification process, both the series will come attached with a fresh exhaust system along with a stainless steel silencer. In addition, a new HP sports exhaust, designed by Akrapovic has also been there as an official accessory.

Additionally, you will also get to see a newly designed instrument cluster and Malfunction Indicator Light with a dash for betterment of the indication of essential information. What's more, three color options are offered for both F700 GS and F800 GS. Along with the two new paint schemes, the F800 GS Adventure is also likely to come out with new radiator trims, silencer cover, and ignition lock casing.

BMW R1200 with some new updates

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As far as R1200 is concerned, the model can also be seen here in the country with numerous updates. It includes revamped selector drum actuator in the transmission box, judder damper on the  transmission output shaft and shaft bearings. Other than this, modifications will be seen on instrument console  and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) light.  

Anyway, BMW is well known as a game changer in the automobile segment owing to its best providing features, design and performance. With these new updates, the bikemaker has proved itself once again.

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