BMW Releases Promo Video of Next-gen 5-Series, Featuring Remote 3D View

Luxury with innovations, the German auto giant proves itself once again. In the recently released promotional video, BMW has previewed its next generation 5-series car with something extra ordinary feature that we used to see in the James Bond movies, the remote 3D view of the car even when the owner is nowhere nearby to this Bavarian 4-wheel machine. Interesting, isn’t it? Wow!

Yeah, now it will be possible to digitally monitor your car about what's happening around it all the time, thanks to the Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). The all new 5-series cars will be the first to incorporate this amazing remote 3D view feature.

What is this Remote 3D view of BMW 5-series and How it works, Read it all here:

A BMW connected application in your smartphone is always let you know what’s happening around your BMW 5-series car 24*7 by providing a virtual overhead 360-degree view. Moreover, this dream comes true like feature gives information about the vehicle surroundings. That’s all we know so far.

Apart from this innovative technology, there is not anything that we can tell you about this all new forthcoming mid-size BMW 5-series sedan car. However, this is not the first time, BMW had also used the similar pattern to unveil its 7-series with its advanced remote parking feature, more notably by the same spokesperson. So, it’s part of the German luxury carmaker’s promotional strategy, previewing the teaser video with something advanced technology which the world is almost unaware about, before the official debut of the vehicle.

The current generation BMW 5-series was introduced back in 2010, and now the latest entries in the segment are making it older in the highly competitive auto market. The Acura RLX, Maserati Ghibli, Cadillac CTS, Lexus GS, Mercedes E-Class, Jaguar XF and Volvo S90 took the competition at the next-level. So it is time for upgradation, the next-gen BMW 5-series is expected to break the covers at the Paris Auto Salon which will be held in a month from now.
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