Check Out Glimpse of Honda Integra 2018

With the motive to attract the audience by exquisite appearance, Honda always looks and brags something new in color scheme, with a magnificent metallic red named Candy Chromosphere Red, the Honda Integra 2018 has major intention to garner full consideration of onlookers.

Basically, the new generation Honda Integra 2018 model gets the availability of the engine regulator at the upside, the setup has 745cc and 55cc twin-pair engine, which is mated to the dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

The 55cc engine can function in three modes including Sport (3 level), Drive, and manual mode along with successional gear choices. The second launch of the Honda Integra 2018 is regulated electronically by the HSTC traction available as standard and it is possible to deactivate using a simple button.

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As always, Honda Integra’s standard equipment setup includes a 45-liter baulet competent of storing two complete helmets and the 12V socket. The Honda Integra 2018 is also availing the 35 kW vanished version for A2 license occupants. It is going to be showcased at Hall 22, Stand O, 48.