Chevrolet Volt Displayed at the CES 2015 Ahead of Detroit Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 has been a top stage for demoing all the latest gadgets, be it a car or a home appliance. The show has already witnessed the launch of SmarThing hub services from Samsung and self-driving concept from German car maker Mercedes-Benz. Now, another car has been launched at the show and this time it's from the USA car maker Chevrolet with the car named Volt. This would the facelift version of the current outgoing Volt car. The reason behind launching the facelift could be the reason that these days people are more inclined towards the less emission rather than the power or maybe just for a change.

The car will be launched officially in the world at the next month's Detroit Motor Show, and company will also divulge the details of the car at that time. Asked from the experts, this new all electric Volt is a huge bet from the company as this technology will still take time to become popular and household, in-short, to generate revenue and profits.

The car's first version was able to go for a few miles on complete electric mode and the Chevrolet might enhance this feature of the car to make it popular among the crowd and beat its competitor. Well, lets just wait for the Detroit Show for the details and then decide about the possible future of this car.