Dutch Duo Successfully Develops Wooden Motorcycle Powered by Algae Fuel

  • 17th, May 2017 7:06 PM
  • Mayank Sharma
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Designer Ritsert Mans and scientist Peter Mooji from Netherlands has successfully managed to build a motorcycle from wood. And it is claimed to get propelling power from an engine that uses algae oil as fuel.The idea for developing such an offbeat vehicle came to their mind from the Mooji’s new book- "De Dikke Alg" or "The Thick Algae". The book scrutinizes how algae could be used as a fuel option in future.

At the time of motorcycle development, the Dutch duos separated their work as Ritsert Mans worked on the motorcycle while Mooji aimed to cultivate algae yield to make fuel from it. The prototype model which is a single sided front end motorcycle, built on a wooden chassis, had taken out for its first test run on a beach.

Checkout video of wooden motorcycle's first test run on a beach: 


It is not the first time in the motoring world when algae have been used as a fueling agent for a motorcycle. Earlier, in 2012, Kristian Gustavson and his team member Devin Chatterjie, the alumnus of Scripps Institution of Oceanography had established an algae-fuelled motorcycle.

On records, it is the fastest and only known motorcycle at The Texas Mile land speed event in Beeville, Texas. Devin Chatterjie reached the record top speed of 96.2 mph (154 kmph) on the motorcycle when fuelled with 100 percent algae-derived Green Crude diesel fuel supplied by Sapphire Energy Inc. it is one of the world’s leading companies, which produces algae-based crude oil. While, the other teammate, Gustavson reached 94.6 mph (over 152 kmph) with the use of a 50-50 blend of biodiesel derived from algae and cooking oil waste.

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The fact that algae can easily be grown in salt water makes it an attention grabbing alternative as "green" fuel. Other than this, it’s quality that it can be grown in the non-arable land makes it's an ideal option. Like fossil fuels, Algae intakes carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight to complete photosynthesis. Right now, the algae oil development is not a matter of consideration as its production is around three times expensive than petroleum.