Guidelines for Driving in Red, Green, Orange Zone

Everyone was aware that the fight against Covid-19 is going to be longer. In India the government extended the lockdown period till 17th May but they also provided some relaxation. One of them is allowing private vehicles in the Green and Orange zones with some restrictions and guidelines. Here is what you need to know before starting your ride.

Green, Orange, Red, and Containment Zones

Areas from where not a single Covid-19 case is reported until now in the previous 21 days are considered in Green zone. Red Zone is a district or area that is recognised as the hotspot for the Coronavirus spread by the Government or the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Orange Zone is an area or district that is marked as either Red Zone or Green Zone.

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Other than Green, orange or red zone there is one more category of the zone, the containment zones. These are the areas which are completely sealed and in these areas, only essential services are allowed. It means the public movement is on complete halt in such areas.

The government released some guidelines regarding public movement and transportation. These guidelines consist of the following points:

  • Car owners can drive in all three areas with one driver and two passengers maximum. Whereas the owner of two-wheelers are also allowed to travel but any pillion rider is not allowed on a two-wheeler.
  • Inter-district bus services or Public transport facilities are only allowed in the Green Zones.
  • Cab and taxis are also allowed to do their operations, but only in Green and Orange Zones. However, they are only allowed with a maximum of two passengers in addition to the driver.
  • Any Inter-state movement, such as by train, flight or bus will remain halted until further order.
  • Except for any medical reasons and permitted activities, movement within states by road has also been restrained.
  • Public movement for all non-essential activities has also been fixed between 7 AM to 7 PM.

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These all points are covered in a Ministry of Home Affairs advisory, however, state governments can also impose a different guidelines or set of rules. It is also suggested that you should follow all the precautions to avoid getting this virus.

Even after all the provided relaxation, we will request you to go out only if it is necessary. And if you are going out then you should always remember that the local authorities are having rights to impose a curfew if needed. Thus, ride well and don’t go too far.