Honda Got Patent of 11-Speed Triple-Clutch Transmission Unit

Honda recently filed a patent over an 11-speed triple-clutch gearbox.The application of this patent was filed in Japan patent office and was published in the end of May. Izumi Masako had been credited as the inventor of this mechanism.

The gearbox system has been designed in such a way that it will improve the efficiency and will decrease the loss of torque while changing gears. The updated latest technology is supposed to be very helpful in reducing shift times and allowing proper gear engage.

The automobile manufacturing firm is presently using single-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT) in its smaller car units. These gearbox systems are renowned for being a bit brittle, as to better be suited for company's smaller car units. The new gearbox units are supposed to increase the efficiency, which can be assembled in different models.
The patent has been filed, but the reports of production have not been revealed yet. A source from Honda stated, “Honda has patented a new triple-clutch, 11-speed transmission system. However, we are unable to confirm the plans of its use. We have both the new Civic and ne CR-V coming soon, but as it’s only just been patented, it’s very unlikely it’ll be on any batch of cars for a while.”

If Honda puts the latest system in production and get success, then you may also expect other manufacturers following suit. Meanwhile, Ford too had patented its 11-speed automatic gearbox system last year.The patent report bear details about the three variations of 11 speed-gearbox, using multiple planetary gear sets, brakes and clutches.

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