Honda NM4 Vultus Pinched in New Colors and Exhaust

The Japanese Hercules, Honda has made some alterations over the design of its controversially-styled NM4 Vultus. Working upon its exterior to improve its appearance, the popular auto maniac has presented the car-vogue bike in pretty interesting color schemes and with a new exhaust canal. Carrying the tag of one of the most exclusive new bikes on sale, the Vultus has not been flaunted in the UK stores. Ahead of mid 2015, in the country, there were merely 31 instances, which were taxed and registered too.

Honda NM4 Vultus

When it comes to the modifications that have been made, the brand new hunk has got a much cleaner exhaust pipe replacing the current one's barrier-like exhaust canal. Other than this, as aforementioned earlier, the company did some paint touch-up to look the Vultus more appealing and interesting. Apparently, Honda will come up with some more riveting designs and other innovations in future.

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The upgraded variant has been revealed in Japan yesterday and the automaker apart from the prevailing two colors- Black or White, has incorporated 11 new shades at an additional cost. In spite of having furious body dynamics, Honda can't make out a significant impact on this tourer and got defeated. So far, the bike is having two versions- the NM4-01 and the NM4-02, that are on sale in Japan. The latter one has been equipped with built-in panniers that no doubt enhances the proportions of the bike.