Honda To Introduce EVs By 2023 in India

Honda is thinking to launch electric vehicle instead of petrol and diesel cars in India in the next five years. As per the reports, Electric Honda vehicles are set to launch in India somewhere around 2023 when a global electric launch plan is scheduled to be initiated. The B segment vehicle can be the first electric vehicle and it is expected that it will be the manufacturing version of the Urban EV Concept. The India-spec Honda EV is especially developing for serving the conditions of India in comparison to the cars which are sold in foreign markets. But yet the EV policy has not been organized by the government of India, and the Japanese carmaker does not want to lag behind other car manufacturers in the race towards electric vehicle introduction. As per the reports, firstly, the hybrid version of City sedan will be there and instead of B-segment EV, an electric SUV is also the part of the plan.

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And also the measures of that concept was just 100mm short of the Honda Jazz. Mostly Honda is also thinking of developing an EV platform same like the VW Group’s MEB architecture which will be featuring a fully-electric powertrain with ease of scaling multiple body types. Although it has not been confirmed yet the Honda’s EV powertrain will involve a high-density, lightweight battery pack, integrated heat management and the evolution of energy transfer functions. The plan also includes an electric range of at least 150-200 KM. While the plan of launching an electric vehicle by 2020 has been announced by Maruti Suzuki, a series of electric Wagon Rs is already on test in India. Soon, Hyundai is planning to construct the electric Kona in India. At the meantime, Mahindra is working on electric KUV and Tata is working on electric Tigor.