Latest 20 Electric Cars from VW Group to Set Up in China

The most popular German car making group, Volkswagen has promulgated that it will bring out the latest 20 electric runabouts with the breathtaking features in the market of China. Alongside the new electric technology, the runabouts also expected to have the eye catching outlook as well as the aristocratic interiors, which will adduce the charming aspects and the classy traveling for its occupants and the initiator. All of the motors seem to produce the tremendous outputs with the maximum torque to render the enthusiastic drive for the driver. It is anticipated to achieve the splendid speed within a very short time.

The head of the Volkswagen Group in China, Jochem Heizmann,  “In the near future, Volkswagen will be offering Chinese drivers over 20 NEVs, from small cars to large-sized SUVs, from plug-in hybrids to pure electric cars.” Currently, the Volkswagen is in the last position for the electric vehicles in the Chinese market with regard to the Tesla Motors, BMW and Nissan. Apart from the electric models, the manufacturer will also roll out the plug in hybrid runabouts in the country.

The Asia is looking forward to get around 5 million green cars on the road till 2020 to reduce the wind pollution and to counter the ongoing scarcity of conventional fuels.

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