Liion GP Electric Superbike Rendered, Track Debut on July 8

An electric superbike that is entitled as Liion GP has been presented in front of the audience. The motorbike is developed by a team of 15 students from the University of Twente, Netherland. The group of students is known as Electric Superbike Twente.

Evidently, it appears similar to a petrol-powered bike and why not? As the bike tips the scale at 220kg that is pretty heavier for a race bike or even it is an electric bike. The equipped components on the bike are completely original and developed from the scratch at the university. Including the electric motor, battery pack, swingarm and obviously the base of the Liion GP, the chassis.

Other than this, the bike features prominent Ohlins suspension setup for both ends, Brembo M4 caliper on both wheels and PVM magnesium wheels as well. In terms of power, the Bamocar D3 150kW motor that is located as a stressed member of the frame supplies 200bhp to the rear wheel. The electric motor is powered by 16-kWh lithium-ion batteries. With the top speed of 250kmph and ability to reach 0-100kmph in under three seconds, proved itself as an Electric Superbike.

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The Liion GP will make its track debut on July 8 in the UK. Earlier than this, the electric superbike will be tried and tested at the upcoming MotoE championship in England and Netherlands in coming weeks.