Mahindra to delay launch of its 125cc Peugeot Scooter

As per reports, it seems that the first premium offering following the 51% acquisition of Peugeot scooters in 2014 by Mahindra will take more time to see the light of the day. The same has been confirmed by Pawan Goenka, managing director, Mahindra.

The Indian Automaker has been unable to figure out the correct price tag that would strike the right cords as far as the expectations of the price conscious Indian Buyer. Also, another reason could be that Mahindra is keeping its cards close to itself and waiting for the implementation of BS-6 in 2020. The after effect of the BS-6 norm will increase prices of two-wheelers in India. This will equip the company to better price it's premium offering after the emission norms are implemented. Mahindra has left no stone unturned to gain insight into the customer demands and requirement by conducting several customer clinics in the last few years. Despite all this, the only hindrance that appears as of now is the high price tag which may sway Indian buyers.

In India, the 125cc scooter segment is still in its infancy and carries huge growth potential.
Mahindra had plans to launch two to three premium products in the 125cc Scooter segment. Django and Speedfight were supposedly the two products in line to compete against the VESPA in the 125cc segment.