Maruti Suzuki Survey For Electric Vehicles In 2018

Maruti Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer in India, has declared that it will organize a survey in 2018 starting during six weeks to research about Electric vehicle concerning charging infrastructure. This move is very significant for the Indo-Japanese automobile manufacturer and its last time initiative was before the launch of Maruti 800's market launch in the year 1983.

This survey is going to take place with the objective to research problems related to installation and running of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. This survey will be effective as it will support Maruti Suzuki to manufacture an infrastructure in a series as per the consumer expectations and platform in a cost-effective way exclusively in places where there are problems with electricity accessibility. It will also provide a likelihood of consumer on coming a time of EVs in the country.

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This initiative of EVs has been propelled by Maruti Suzuki because it wants to support the initiative of India to make it EV compliant and establish EV based road system by 2030. In addition, the parent company of it, Suzuki has tied in an MOU with Toyota in awake to manufacture EVs and everything related to them in the country. It has been already announced previously by the Maruti Suzuki that it will manufacture batteries at a freshly instituted plant in Gujarat.