MG Teases First-Ever Full-Size SUV Concept

Morris Garages has recently teased the full-size SUV concept. The new concept is ready to make world debut during the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018) set on April 25. It is named as the X-Motion concept and it is MG’s upcoming SUV that will reach the market around 2019. It is speculated that the first model will be launched in China, after that it will launch in the Australia and UK.

The company mentions that the X-Motion concept is based on the E-Motion electric sports car concept and serves the purpose of future designs. Same like the E-Motion, it doesn’t reveal body lines sharply rather looks curvaceous and fluid.

The gigantic grille of the X-Motion features 3D studs, which looks very appealing. The grille is as well attached to the design scheme and headlamps which you observe in Hyundai, Mazda, and Audi. The front side of the concept appears very powerful due to the sculpted hood along with important crease lines. Entirely, the full-size SUV concept appears very new and competitive when looking from the front side.

The car is also expected to launch in India later as the company plans to make recognition as a premium car manufacturer here and there is not so much number in the Indian market from the MG.

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If the company launches X-Motion is India, expect the SUV to be launched around 2020. It is likely to reach India via CKD (completely knocked down) route from China.

The 2019 X-Motion concept will join the MG SUV portfolio including the GS mid-size SUV and the ZS compact SUV. Further, MG already exists in the sub-4m SUV segment and with the launch of new SUV, it will be placed below the ZS.