Nissan India To Launch Connected Cars by July 2017

Car manufacturer, Nissan is going to modify selected number of vehicles in its Indian lineup and offer some advanced telematics along with connectivity services. The new or advanced technology will firstly come with Sunny, Micra and new Terrano, which will fall under the range of Nissan's connected car ecosystem.

The above cars will go on sale in mid- July. For connectivity, the cars will include essential hardware along with accompanying smartphone app to provide vehicle diagnostics, GPS data and service details. Currently, the car manufacturer is already functioning on connected car technology under the global Intelligent Mobility plans for the future use and the three or selected car variants Nissan India is providing connectivity options will fall under this range. Nissan is offering new or advanced technology in selected variants of the car which includes computed service reminders in accordance with how the cars are driven, detailed vehicle dynamics, advanced GPS data to show live traffic details and call for support easily by identifying car location from within the car or its smartphone app.

Nissan India with Connected Car Technology

Currently, the car-maker is also awaited to present the hybrid powertrain variant of the X-Trail SUV in India, after the likes of Skoda Kodiaq and Volkswagen Tiguan. Nissan will also try to provide the web or online services of the car. Through online services, it allows owners to keep the live records of the car and automatically informs to the owner now the car require service. This decision will impact the preference of Indian car owners to select third service providers due to less expensive services.