Nissan Wireless Charging System Video Clip Teased

Nissan is working upon a high performance wireless charging system meant for the electric cars at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Tagged as the “Fuel Station of the Future”, the same has been teased in a short video. The clip shows Next Generation Nissan Leaf being driven on the road while it automatically starts getting charged with the help of a charging device that is mounted under it. Though this concept is not new and various makers had already tried to offer similar technology, they turned out to be slow than the charging cables.

Nissan had also unveiled a 7KW wireless device that is still in the process of development at company's research & development facility located in Atsungi, Japan. This can charge up even a 60KW battery in one night and has the potential to offer 500km of full charge driving range. It is anticipated that this system will be rolled out with the next generation Leaf, once the development process comes to an end.

Nissan Leaf

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Coming back to the “Fuel Station of the Future”, the system will be tested in the electric vehicles for the next 5 years. The company aims at making things so convenient that wireless charging is possible without any interference from human. Nissan is working upon this project in association with architects Foster and Partners.

The Japanese automaker has disclosed that this concept will be unveiled in March and hence the Geneva Auto Show could be the possible platform for such an event. Besides Nissan, other makers like Daimler, Toyota and BMW are also working upon similar projects owing to the rising popularity of electric vehicles.

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