Tesla Model S 70D is Now Official

The beast of electric car industry Tesla has introduced one more of its famous long-range electric car that will replace Model S 60 in its home market that is the U.S.A. It would be an entry-level sedan and as the people are now becoming more interested towards buying these electric cars, it is believed that this Tesla Model S 70D would generate the needed sales, of which the company is in great need. Coming to the car, it is something that can not be neglected on any front, like power, mileage or even the speed just because of its electric nature as it makes even the sports car feel shy with its more than 500 hp power.

Defining the nomenclature, it would be powered be dual electric models which has been indicated by the letter D in the name (S 70D) and they together will generate 514 hp power, hitting 96 km/h speed in mere 5.2 seconds from 0, before hitting the top speed of 225 km/h. Well, it certainly is good for any electric vehicle. It also can cover 442 km on a single charge and now I guess no reason has been left to make it popular among the potential customers.

The car has been priced at US $ 76,170 before the government applies any perks to it and the car has been laded with the hopes of recovering the losses caused by its other siblings, which were priced lesser.