Tips to Transfer Bike or Scooter Via Train

Once in a life, the time comes when one has to migrate from a state to another for the job. For convenience, they prefer to have their vehicle whether bike or scooter. Now the question arises how can they transport the vehicle? There are two ways- via riding vehicle or parcelled via train. If you prefer to parcel two-wheeler via train over riding through highways, there are few tips to always keep in mind in order to safeguard vehicle from getting damaged and registration for transport.

There are two ways to transport vehicle via train:

1: As a Parcel
2: As Luggage with Passenger

Ways to Book Two-wheeler as Parcel:

  • It is the best way to transfer vehicle if you are not on the train
  • At the Parcel Office, One has to present a photocopy of the vehicle's Registration Certificate.
  •  The vehicle should be wrapped properly before getting booked
  • Fuel tank must be empty
  • The source and destination should be inscribed clearly on a cardboard
  • Attach the cardboard with two-wheeler
  • You will fill a booking application with details like boarding and destination station.
  • In addition to this, the details like postal address, brand name, registration number, the price of vehicle and weight as well required to fill in the application.

Two Wheeler Transfer Tips

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Book Vehicle as Luggage:

  • If you are on the train then you can book vehicle as a luggage
  • You have to reach station an half hour ahead of train arrival time
  • The process like packing, labelling and marking will be identical as of booking as a parcel.
  • Booking as luggage need to present your ticket at parcel office.
  • Your train ticket will contain the details of luggage ticket of booking payment.
  • At delivery, you have to present both the train and luggage ticket as well.

Tips to Remember While Packing:

  • Don’t forget to carry original registration certificate and insurance paper
  • Use soft mattress for packing in order to keep bike’s paint and other components untouched
  • In addition to this, The brake and clutch lever along with the handlebar needed to be loose to bind them downward.