Upcoming TVS E-Scooters to Get New Parking Assist System: Expected

  • 16th, Apr 2018 12:15 PM
  • Mayank Sharma
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Reportedly, it has been learnt that the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer, TVS Motor Company is developing a new Parking Assist System. According to the sources, this new technology will be seen working on the range of electric scooters, rolled out by the brand.

The system will enable rider hassle-free vehicle parking even in the tight spots. The issues that the rider experienced while parking the vehicle in a crowded space, are caused by the weight and the dimensions of the scooter. The TVS' upcoming Parking Assist System is the solution for such situations. By providing forward and backward motion assistance when activated, the feature supports rider with manoeuvre ease even in the tight parking spots. Meanwhile, all the aspects such as vehicle speed, throttle position and the brake condition are checked by the system to offer the needed motion for the vehicle. To get the front motion assist, with the opened throttle, the e-scooter should be in the speed limit of less than 6km/hr.

While, for movement in opposite direction, the factors such as throttle and brakes should be in neutral position and the system will check the rear wheel angle that should be more than 90 degrees at the standstill position. If the mentioned condition fulfilled, the system by offering the speed around 3-4km/hr will assist the rider in taking the vehicle in reverse motion. At the downhill terrain, in use system will assist by applying brakes, if the vehicle goes above the assigned speed. Also, when activated, the system automatically switched on the hazard light and display ‘Parking Assist On’ on the instrument cluster.

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As expected, all the upcoming e-scooter from TVS will be furnished with this Parking Assist System. The CREON concept could be the first one to get this feature in its market-ready avatar.