Volkswagen Vento Gets More Powerful Diesel Engine

The German auto giant, Volkswagen India has updated the 1.5-litre diesel engine of the Vento sedan and this more powerful version is now on sale in the country. This is the same engine which was introduced a few weeks ago under the hood of company's only made in India & made for India sedan, the Ameo. Moreover, the same powertrain has also be seen on the other Volkswagen group’s cars. Recently, Skoda launched the Rapid facelift with the updated 1.5-litre engine.
The new Vento gets more powerful EA189 1.5-litre diesel engine which is capable of churning out the maximum power of 110hp as compared to the 105hp earlier. The locally sourced helped the motor to get this power bump. Although, the torque remain unchanged at 250 Nm. Engine is paired with the same manual transmission unit. With this new set up, Vento delivers the 22.27 kmpl fuel mileage with the manual gearbox, while DSG variant is god for 22.15 kmpl.
Petrol-powered Vento continues to sale with no updates alongside the tweaked diesel variants. Besides the mechanical updates, Volkswagen has also added a new silk blue paint scheme to the Vento sedan cars. The same new colour shade was first introduced with the Ameo, and also added in the recently launched Polo AllStar. Except for these updates, there are no cosmetic or underhood changes have been made on the 110 hp Vento.
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