Google Planning to Launch Satellites in Space for Global Internet Service

Innovation is not new for Google. With each and every passage of time, Google plans to give its users top class facility in all possible aspects. After experiencing a higher demand, it was working with helium balloons to offer better Internet service. In order to complement to the Project Loon, it has been working to launch satellites in the space in order to give Internet service to areas where Internet is not available.

In the series of space satellites, Google is adding 180 more satellites in the space in order to enable more stronger Internet connectivity. They will be inserted these in the lower altitude orbit than the traditional ones. These satellites are small and of high capacity. The more interior details regarding these machines are not available officially but it is being mentioned that if this task goes successful, then Google will double the count of these machines in that orbit.

The start of this complete program might be expensive which tipsters estimates between $1 billion to $3 billion. According to the report of Wall street journal (WSJ), Google recently hired Greg Wyler, founder of O3b Networks. He is setting up the plan to expand Internet service to super-remote locations that are currently not having the Internet service. Currently according to the reports, 10-12 persons are working on this plan which reports to VP Craig Barrett, whose report is then transferred to CEO Larry Page.

The main goal of Google behind each mission (Fiber service, Project Loon) is to connect more and more people through Internet and use their uninterrupted services. In contrary to Google, Facebook is too working in the same field by supplementing with drones, satellites and lasers to allow better Internet access.