Top 10 Tips to Take Care of Your Hair

Hair, the most beautiful and sensitive part of our body. It would require lots of care to make them stay healthy and strong. Maintaining long hair is not a difficult task but you have to take extra care of them. As we all know that hair is a part of protein, so keeping a healthy and hygiene diet musty be a most important part of your daily routine.

It's not necessary that you will always go to beauty salon to make them smooth, silky and beautiful. As summer is arriving, sweating will definitely be there, your hair will become rough and dry. By following some easy and important tips you can keep your hair healthy and strong. So, here are some easy tips by which you can maintain the quality of your hair in summer season as well.

1. Brushing up your hair will always stimulates the cocoon which help promoting the growth of your hair, but do not brush much, it will motivate hair falling or split end.

2. Try using sun repair mask or moisturizing shampoo in summer season, will help to protect your hair from sun and it remains much gentle to your hair.

3. Try avoiding alcohol during summer in hair and also avoid shampooing daily. It makes your hair rough, dry and shear hair's natural moisture.

4. Before going for swimming, always use swim cap and apply conditioner on your hair.

5. Always remember to trim your hair in every 6-8 weeks, it will help them to grow in a better manner and keep them healthy.

6. While going out in sunlight, remember to put a hat or cap or wear a scarf to protect them from the damaging effect of sunlight. Try to wear a short hair style.

7. Always avoid using heat on your hair, which means minimum use of hair dryers, hair curlers or any other electronic appliances on your hair.

8. Try not to use a blow dryer, if you are coming out of a shower use a cotton cloth for your hair. Towels causes damage to your hair as it helps increasing split ends and made them rough.

9. Always opt out for a natural hair style, avoid crimping, straightening, curling repeatedly. It can cause some serious strains on your hair.

Last but not the least

10. Stay Happy, Stay Blessed: - Stress is the most important factor which causes hair fall. Because hair will also realize the same potential of stress what you are going through.

If you want a stress free life, you can try out other emotional and healthy outlets like Yoga, Exercise, Meditation or whatever which makes you feel happy.