Apple to Launch iPad Air 3 Next Year without 3D Touch Feature

Unlike every year Apple refreshing its iPad Air lineup, this year the company made an exception by not doing so as it on the contrary made grounds to launch iPad Pro which also happens to be the largest tablet being made by the company till date. Another reason that can be contributed for this behavior of Apple is that it for now is planning to launch the iPad Air 3 if research note of Ming-Chi-Kuo is to be believed. Kuo in her research note also mentioned that Apple is likely to launch the tablet in the first half of 2016.

Since there is no official date being revealed by the company, there are speculations that the company could launch it alongside the rumored iPhone 6c. Another report also claims that alongside the launch of these products Apple had also made plans to reveal the Apple Watch 2 in the same timeframe possibly around the month of March 2016. If we look at the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 6c, multiple reports claim that Apple will launch the smart phone with a 4-inch display and hardware capability largely similar to iPhone 5s that was launched way back in 2013.

The Apple users are eagerly waiting to get a first hand experience of iPad Air 3 and to take a look at all its features, however Ming-Chi-Kuo states that the tablet is "unlikely" to have 3D Touch, a feature seen in the new iPhone models that allows the display to gauge different pressure levels and offer contextual options. When Kuo was asked to comment the possible reason behind this, he attributed this to the shortage in supply of 3D Touch components. According to him - 3D Touch supply chain capacity utilization is currently lower than peak levels of 30 percent and this will last through the first quarter of 2016.It is also believed that the company can again introduce the new iPad Air 3 with an improved processor and a thinner body as it did in the case of iPad Air 2.