Microsoft unveils the new Nokia 230, Perfect for Selfies

Microsoft introduces its new Nokia brand handset- the Nokia 230 feature phone, perfect for taking and sharing selfies. Inheriting features from its predecessor, Nokia 130, the latest newbie is all set to take up the market with a straightforward interface and an affordable price tag of $55.

As per the specs, the device looks distinct from the Nokia 130, however, it has been given a more premium look with an aluminum black cover. It  comes with a 2.8-inch QVGA (320 x 240) display, 2 megapixel front and rear camera, runs on the Nokia Series 30+ operating system and carries memory card support of up to 32 GB.

It is quite natural that the Nokia 230 will not stand up to today's unbeatable category of smartphones, but it's not too scruffy for a feature phone, which is coming at such a cheap price. Many of the handsets only have VGA's.  The device also comes in a dual SIM variant, appropriately named as Nokia 230 Dual SIM, especially for those who swap SIM cards often.

Although, it looks very basic from its appearance, the device is still capable of handling the routine services, including, Facebook, Twitter, Bing Search, Opera and MSN Weather. The worth notifying feature comprises that the Nokia 230 has a touch screen as well as physical buttons, which is an appealing factor. Both the variants will cost same, i.e., $55 and will strike Asia' market first and then target the Middle-East from December, while the other places might have to wait till next year.