Samsung To Ditch All Physical Keys In The Galaxy Note 10

There are many OEMs that have removed the audio jack from their smartphones to make space for other components. Now following the footsteps of other smartphone makers but in another way, Samsung is planning to remove some components from the Galaxy Note 10.

As per the rumours, the Samsung is planning to remove all the physical buttons from its next flagship phone i.e. the Galaxy Note 10. The upcoming smartphone will come without the power button, volume rockers and also the Bixby button.

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As per the reports, to make a pressure-sensing module, Samsung is trying to associate with the NDT which will help in recognizing the presses on the smartphone without the physical keys. This is the same as what we saw in the U12+ which failed to impress anyone.

The company has not yet made any official announcement about the Galaxy Note 10, so we have to wait for the company to announce. But as per the reports, the mid-range Galaxy A90 might also launch with a buttonless design in April this year.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is receiving applauds from the customers and has received the highest rating in the ranking of the Consumer Report. It is praised because of its battery life, speed performance, and cameras.

The organization notes, "To test the durability of smartphones, we submit them to 100 drops in a tumbler, a rotating metal chamber. This ensures that the phones strike the bottom of the machine at myriad angles, simulating a wide range of falls".