Huawei Launches Huawei Joint Innovation Solution and Demo Center in Bengaluru

Recently Huawei held its Huawei Enterprise ICT Summit 2015 in Bengaluru, India, where it also announced the launch of the Huawei Joint Innovation Solution and Demo Center . The upcoming Joint Innovation Solution and Demo Center (JISDC) is one of the first solution center for the Indian industry that offers a comprehensive ICT solutions testing and is a step forward in the Government of India’s Digital India vision by strengthening the ICT industry's ecosystem in the country.

This Enterprise ICT Summit is an annual event conducted by Huawei every year, which witness a large number of participants. This year too the event witnessed participation of over 500+ partners, enterprise customers and industry experts from various sectors. The Summit is just another way of Huawei to reach out to its entire network and, to let them understand as to how important they are in the overall growth of the business. This year, Huawei collaborated with 7000+ partners, including 300+ solution partners and 1200+ service partners in 2015 where every partner was credited with contributing 74% of the total sales revenue and by the end of 2016, Huawei India is targeting 300+ partner.

The new center located in Huawei’s R&D center in Bengaluru, majorly focusses on the whole ICT solutions testing environment in India and resources that include Campus, Datacenter, Cloud Computing, ISP, IOT and all vertical solution to enable faster and timely POC testing. Huawei with this launch look forward to leverage its global experience and expertise so as to allow its Enterprise customers a professional design consulting meeting the needs of IT sector, that in turn would lessen the turnaround time and cost.
It also plans to improvise and improve the customer experience in cooperation with both India and its other global partners, giving them access to localized solution services and training support. Additionally, it allows interested parties to experience, architect, validate and build information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and applications.

Speaking on the occasion, Daniel Jiang, President, Huawei Enterprise India said, Building state-of-the-art ICT infrastructures are critical for driving and implementing the transformation initiatives. The reason why Huawei can maintain steady growth amid complex competition in the ICT industry is its customer centric approach backed by continuous innovation. This center will allow us to share our experiences in the pursuit of solution innovation with enterprises and transformational initiatives for India. In the words of Jay Chen, CEO, Huawei India - Huawei’s strategy in India is aligned with India’s economic growth plans and we endeavor to provide customers the products, services and solutions they need in their rapid growth path,” said "ICT capability is the key index of a country's competitiveness. Every government is considering how to speed up the ICT development to improve the economy and social well-being. The Joint Innovation Solutions Center is Huawei’s commitment to support the India’s Government and industries to build a better connected smart digital India.

When Ernest Zhang, President, Huawei Enterprise SEA was asked to comment he added - ICT enabled digital business has become an essential part of today's fast pacing world for capturing new opportunities and meeting the demands of an increasingly innovation-driven business environment. Huawei’s new center leverages the extensive resources and knowledge of its engineers and manpower of 70,000 to meet the needs of its enterprise customers and channel partners in India and it demonstrates Huawei’s commitment to deliver the industry’s best enterprise solutions, professional services and training support to our growing base of customers and channel partners.