Intel Starts Working on Merged Reality Headsets

Intel, the techno giant firm has now started working on the enhancement of the “Virtual Reality” feature in the field of gradually increasing innovations. Brian Krzanich, CEO Intel has recently announced during the opening keynote of the 2016 Intel Developers Forum event held in San Francisco on Tuesday that the techno firm is working on a project which will enhance the virtual reality experience of the users.The company has named the upcoming smart technology as “Merged Reality”. Merged Reality will allow the user to feel hisher presence in the scene, delivered by a fully self-contained headset.

There is a video demonstration given below which will show exactly how the upcoming smart-gadget will work: In that particular video, there is a man walking into a party, in which he can interact with guests, moving around with a 360 degree of view. By using the particular technique, the man can touch the things and people virtually too. A detailed preview of the technology can be seen in the video below.


In the upcoming Project Alloy of the firm, the user doesn't need to connect the headset to a PC and can move around in the virtual world freely. If some obstacle comes near to the headset then it will instantly pop in that world allowing the user to avoid that obstacle. The user will also be able to manipulate the physical things in the virtual world directly, without the need of any handheld controllers. Intel’s Alloy hardware along with its supporting API’s will be made available in 2017 giving other companies a chance to create their own products around the platform.

Video Courtesy- Intel Newsroom

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