Meet Windows 10 SPARTAN! New Browser by Microsoft

It seems like Microsoft is working very hard to make its Windows 10 powerful and, for that reason the Company is bringing a new browser in the competition of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is SPARTAN, Microsoft’s new Browser to show its glory with Windows 10 OS. You will be seen all the new and unique features in this which you won’t imagine and won’t even see in all the recently available browsers.

Its new inking support will bless users with the functionality of stylus. You can take the full benefit of stylus in this yet to announce browser. Annotate web pages and then send them to friends is no more difficulty in Spartan. According to The Verge, "These annotations can be saved in OneDrive, and accessed by any browser."

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To reminiscent the ‘Ancient Greek Spartans’, this Microsoft’s Spartan will show the same madness by integrating Cortana (Microsoft’s digital voice assistant). This integration will make the searching and analyzing handier. After this, searching the flights, see the hotel booking, tracking any flight or package will become easier than the conventional surfing.

It is reported that Spartan will give a new way to group tabs. In simple words, separating the personal tabs from work can be possible with this new feature. However, it’s hard to elaborate all the features and the interface of the Spartan browser as it is not official yet. It is also said that it would be a Windows Store app which can be downloadable from the Web store. Well, the Windows 10 preview event on January 21 will speak all about this new SPARTAN. Eventually, the new browser of Windows 10 justifies the line from '300 Spartans' movie reads, "Only the hard and strong may call themselves Spartans."

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