Hyderabad Under Bomb Blast Terror

Hydrabad, in twin bomb blast at least dozen of people have been killed and almost twenty injured. The authorities think may have been a terrorist attack in this city of India. The nature of the blasts have yet not been confirmed, but officials said, they were coordinated and digged in to by a Well Trained group.

Both blasts were too powerful and strong enough to disperse the crowd simultaneously. The bombs were made of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and both were tied to two bicycles took place at two sites in 100 meter range.

In these blasts, there was a number of students were killed because the blast took place in the book market where student were purchasing books for the exam preparation. One of them is identified as Rajasekhar, who was pursuing MBA.

Sources told that blasts took place two days later the government security agencies sent an advisory to states to amplify the security under potential threats from activist groups taking charge in the region relevant to the late executions of terrorism doubts Ajmal Kasab and Mohammed Afzal Guru.

Well india has set an alarm since Guru was hung in previous month in Tihar Jail, New Delhi. Guru was involved in the attack (2001) on parliament in which fourteen people were killed. Many of kashmirees yet believe that guru did not got fair trial.

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23rd, Feb 2013 12:09 AM
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