Low Budget Nokia Lumia 620 Mobile with Windows 8

Among all the series of Nokia Window 8 Lumia. Lumia 620 is the smallest. This phone is for those people who are crazy about Lumia but have low budget can take its advantage. Recently Windows has launched three Lumia smart phones supporting Windows 8. These are Lumia 920, Lumia820 and the smallest one is Lumia 620.

Lumia 920 costs Rs39000, while Lumia 829 costs Rs 27000 which is beyond the reach of common people that is why company has launched one low cost phone.

Operating system

Windows 8 based Lumia620 will be fun as that of Lumia920 and Lumia 820 just the difference among these are that Lumia 620 has smallest screen, but all operations are same as that of Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.Now if such a low cost 39000 bucks will give fun so why not take its advantage.


It has a display of 3.8 inch. Look wise this handset is quite attractive. In this range if we compare other company smartphone display then it does not look smaller, so users are at no loss. 48*800 pixels resolution make this set more attractive.


1 GHz processor gives strength to the set which makes it sufficient for the budget users. Its speed will never decrease. Windows 8 on a 1 GHz processor that too at a much lower price does not barter.


Nokia try to woo its users through memory. It has 8 Gb as its internal memory, which is sufficient though it will not end up here. Memory can be extended through micro xd card which means you can increase it.


In this range Nokia has given 5 mega pixel camera. If we talk in this range category generally all smart phones have 5 mega pixel camera but they do not posses HD video recording facility. Nokia Lumia 620 has inbuilt HD video recording supported system.


It has 512 Mb ram. As compared to other lumia set it is less but sufficient. Due to too much low cost it should not be given more prominence.


Finally about the cost. Officially the cost of this handset is not yet decided by the Nokia but as per the internal source and experts its cost is around Rs 12000. If so happens then think about it that you will have same fun with 12000 in spite of 39000 bucks.

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15th, Jan 2013 5:38 AM
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