Nokia Siemens CFO releases after Reconstitute Drive

Source, Nokia Siemens Networks, the Telecom equipment manufacturer, announced the leaving of its chief financial officer Marco Schroeter, an executive who picked apart monolithic job cuts of the joint venture in Germany.

Schroeter said, "A German paper last year as saying that NSN should have talked to German labor leaders before cutting jobs there."

NSN has not given any reason for the departure, effective immediately, except to say it was just a part of the company transmutation.

The instrument manufacturer has shown signals of a time amount to complete the task in recent quarters, assisted by the monolithic restructuring drive previous year that reduced around 20,500 out of 74000 jobs.

Both Siemens and Nokia have been looking for the exit the joint venture through buyout or public proffering. In the next few months the decision will come out as analysts expect so.

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22nd, Feb 2013 12:19 AM
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