STRaND-1 UK built Smartphone Satellite is now taking a Flight

Indian Space Research Organization is now ready to launch world's first smartphone satellite which will be sent to space on 25 February.

This satellite smartphone is named as STRaND-1 CubeSat. It stands for Surrey Training, Research and Nano satellite Demonstration. STRaND-1 will carry Google smartphone Nexus and Android operating system phone into space to demonstrate feasibility of smartphone in controlling spacecraft. This phone is manufactured in Britain.

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited and Susex Space center has worked on this project. The size 10cm*10cm*10cm and instead of specialized hardware components are used. because of this size and use of components the cost of smartphone satellite is low. According to the Glassgow firm 40% of all CubeSat has atleast one of the components from their company.

This Android based smartphone can take pictures, can do computer calculations at high speed and can make constant communication. Before launching of this device it is first tested where a 30 cm cube satellite will be controlled by Linux based computer.

SSTL and SSC planned to fly electric pulsed plasma thruster experiment to test propulsion system in the space. Except solar panels this smartphone has every feature needed in the satellite. Features like camera, accelerometers, high performance processors and radio links etc.

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11th, Feb 2013 5:48 AM
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