Video Messaging Facility on Android and iOS OS

Skype and cross platform of Microsoft has declared the facility of video messaging service for the iOS and Android Operating System based devices. Users of Skype now can send video message of up to three minutes duration with this service. This new feature is now available for both online and offline playback which is more exciting option for the skype users. This feature is an element of the skype's premium service.

In this service facility users will get up to 20 free massage for trial. Later it is become popular than they will have to pay monthly charge of Rs. 270 per month with the other agio features for adopting this service or they can simply discard if they do not like it.

This feature was not included in the skype for windows which swaps the old live messenger. According to the latest reports, "Microsoft however promised that the windows Skype app will get this feature till the end of April this year".

Albeit, the Skype messages feature has been released but this feature is available in the US and the UK but in other countries it is not available now. Users of other countries except US and UK will have to wait to access this service.

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20th, Feb 2013 6:13 AM
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