Windows Valentine Applications

In India western culture influence is at its verge. Valentine Day is approaching every company is giving its special offer for their customers. Now Windows 8 and Windows phone 8 has launched some special applications for valentine occasion. Here are the details:

Ask Me Applications

Through this you can search your near by flowers and chocolates. For this you have to click and order online. Next day when your partner opens the door then this gift will bring a morning smile on face.

99 Labels App

If you want to proffer perfume, accessories or other valentine gift then this software is beneficial to you. Through this you can select your desired gift for your partner.

Book My Show

On 14th February if your valentine wants to see a movie then you can book the tickets of the matinee shows online without any difficulty. If you do want to go outside the through Bigflicks application you can see your favorite Bollywood movie.


It is an optimizing Compiler for Java. If you are willing to buy shoes or T-shirt for your valentine then you can order through Jove.

Music Streaming Application

If you want to make your own play list through Music Streaming.

Deals and You

With Deals and You, you can search your near by discount on spa and restaurant.

Flight Mp3

You can enjoy your favorite song with the help of flight Mp3.

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12th, Feb 2013 4:38 AM
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