Google will launch talking shoes along with Adidas

Google is also fastening its speed in the gadget world. Its workshop now includes some special gadgets which you haven't imagined yet. With the increasing technology company has come up with talking shoes.

It modifies Adidas shoes giving a new look to it and has converted into talking shoes. From these shoes location of the user can be easily find out and its inbuilt GPS system will help you to find your desired way. It not only talks with you but also post your updates on social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook.

How it works

Shoes are connected to computer and speaker. Presence of accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure sensor catches ever moment and give voice updates. Shoes are directly connected through Bluetooth via internet and find out location and direction through Google Map application. Company says "It is just an experiment to connect daily useful products with technology".

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13th, Mar 2013 4:06 PM
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